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Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Safe trip over water

Fishing hooks made by the Mauri in New Zealand have evolved from being functional hooks made of whale bone to being ornamental good luck charms made of various materials.  Whale bone is now rare, so bleached cow bone is often used instead, and moving to more exotic materials, they are often made of jade, or greenstone, as it is locally known.  This particular one is made out of metal and paua shell, which is similar to mother of pearl.

Ornaments of different shapes have different meanings.  The triple twist signifies two people or cultures joining together for eternity, while the single twist represents the paths of individuals, separating and coming back together, (which is apt given the "overseas experience" had by many young people living on an isolated island nation).  The spiral signifies the unfurling fern bud and connotes new beginnings, while the Hei Tiki brings fertility.  The fishing hook is meant to bring strength, good luck and prosperity, and safe journeys over water.

In related news, my parents are home from New Zealand.  Thanks, Mom and Dad.


  1. What is the company that made the shown fish hook?

  2. hi may i save this picture to my blog this is an unique hook i ever see

    1. Yes, certainly! Looks like your blog is about fishing gear. You wouldn't want to use these ones for actual fishing, since they're purely ornamental.